International Journal of Biocybernetics (IJBC)

The journal publishes original full papers on research and review articles, as well as short communications encompassing the fundamental and applied research aspects in the bionics, biokinetics and biocybernetics fields. Research articles may be based on natural science or application fields in medicine or biomedical engineering. Review articles must be supported by strong references. Invited reviews may even be compiled into a section and made into a magazine to be placed in libraries for general reading. It can become a popular magazine such as the ones by Scientific American, Cosmo, and New Scientists. However, we do not support case reports as this is not a medical journal. We do, however, accept communication letters, which can be improvement in recent technologies not seen in any other journals, but is worthwhile reporting even though their scientific content is not detailed sufficiently as yet. We may even encourage the authors to later submit an extended version of their communication letters into a full research article.

We welcome authors to submit their manuscripts to the International Journal of Biocybernetics (IJBC) based on original articles relating to:
     1. Medical science and technology.
     2. Education materials on public health and engineering science.
     3. Resource management in humanitarian aids and technological assistance.
     4. Medical image diagnosis and health therapy.
     5. Applied medical information technology.
     5. Hospital management in the public health sector.

In particular, the journal coverage includes translational biomedical engineering applications using computational fluid dynamics, cybernetics, smoothed particle hydrodynamics, discrete element modelling, biofluid dynamics, bionics, solid mechanics, cardiovascular engineering, kinetics, medical imaging, particle image velocimetry, biostatistics, signal processing, nanotechnology, virtual reality, mathematical modelling with clinical applications, as well as various other engineering techniques. It also includes new surgical methods, healthcare management, diagnostics, clinical examinations and population studies in medicine.

From the translational medical science perspective, we invite papers in the fields of a variety of specialties including cardiology, gastroenterology and hepatobiliary, neurology, respiratory science, genitourinary, musculoskeletal science, genetics, oncology, and geriatrics, etc.

In terms of engineering perspective, they may include wearable technology, exoskeletons suits, virtual reality, bioinformatics, internet science, all of which are new technological inventions of the 20th century. These technology may then also be inserted into the sections of the above mentioned medical science fields.

The submission will be screened by the editorial board of our IJBC journal.
     OCIBE IJBC articles is published online on a yearly basis.

We also welcome you to join our editorial board or as our reviewers.


Jagannath Mazumdar
University of Adelaide
Adelaide, Australia

Deputy Editor-in-chief

Kelvin KL Wong
Western Sydney University
Sydney, Australia

Members of Editorial Board

Simon Fong
University of Macau
Macau SAR

Richard Millham
Durban University of Technology
South Africa

Zhonghua Sun
Curtin University
Perth, Australia

Jay Pancham
Durban University of Technology
South Africa

Ming-Fa Hsieh
Chung Yuan Christian University

Tingxi Wen
Xiamen University