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    We welcome you to the OCIBE Society webpage. The committee of the OCIBE society hopes creates an association for professionals in the bionics, engineering, cybernetics, and kinetics fields. These are newly coined terminologies in this century, and we believe in investing in technology of the future, which is the main purpose for establishing our society. We want to bring you all together to discuss ideas, projects, and research. The purpose of the society is to gather professionals in the OCIBE fields for collaboration, sharing of new ideas, creation of new ideas, and journal writing.

    The mission of the OCIBE Society is more than the sharing and creation of new ideas; it is the positive and educational connections among colleagues and members. Membership in this society allows one to publish new and exciting journals, attending conferences held or sponsored by other members, and create friendships. Some of the material shared can be taken back to your respective universities or work places. It can be shared with students or colleagues. It is our hope that you gain this much from joining OCIBE.

    Please take the time to explore our website. We have information about the committee, membership applications, updates, future conferences and much more. Any and all inquires to help our society improve are welcome, please contact our regional director or secretariat. Their information can be found on the contact page.

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