Presidential Welcome!

On behalf of the exemplary committee and members of OCIBE, I welcome you to the society’s website, where you will find many useful resources, links, and updates.

I am Dr. Jagannath Mazumdar. I have nearly 50 years of University teaching and research experience. I have taught graduate level courses in continuum mechanics, theory of plasticity, theory of viscoelasticity, theory of vibrations, plates and shells, calculus of variations and its application to mechanics, mathematical biology, signal processing in biomedical engineering. My involvement in this society continues my learning as I hope it does yours.

OCIBE is a prestigious professional society for researchers across the world who are are working on bionics, cybernetics, kinetics, and engineering. Membership standings include student, regular, and senior members, with the possibility of becoming elected into the college of fellows. This society has members from all over the world!

The mission of OCIBE is to create a society for professionals in the bionics, engineering, cybernetics, and kinetics fields. The purpose of the society is to gather professionals in the OCIBE fields for collaboration, sharing of new ideas, creation of new ideas, and journal writing. This society will comply with all academic society rules and regulations accordingly. OCIBE encourages regional and international communication and collaboration to promote professional interactions and continuous learning. In addition, we also actively engaged in promoting scientific education in Third World countries, and aim to reach out to the regions of poverty for humanitarian and technological assistance.

I am honored to serve as President of this exemplary society. I welcome any ideas you may have to improve the society and promote its mission. Please contact our founding vice president, Prof. Kelvin KL Wong, or the Secretariat at with any or all inquiries.

Professor Jagannath Mazumdar
Emeritus Director
Centre for Biomedical Engineering,
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering,
The University of Adelaide

Why you should know more about US:

Do you want to be apart of a new age academic society? If yes, then OCIBE is for you. OCIBE is focusing on fields in bionics, cybernetics, kinetics, engineering, biomedical engineering, etc. With such advanced terminology OCIBE hopes to bring many different minds together to collaborate, share ideas, and have intelligent discussions. We are focused on continued education and increased collaboration for professors, scientists, and students alike.